Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ballerina birthday girl

Oh my wee princess was FOUR yesterday.
And how pleased does she look! We gave her the gorgeous ballerina doll and Im excited about the prospect of making dolly outfits.
At three thirty the house filled up with little girls dressed in tutu's - this is Mia with Madison and Sophie. Mia insisted on wearing her 'party dress' not her tutu despite having picked the theme.

This is the kids at 7pm, the girls looking pretty shattered and CJ looking very pleased about being nakey after just having spilled a cup of lemonade over himself.
I really should've had a pic of Paul, Ella and I at 10pm blobbed out on the couch enjoying peace at last. Birthdays are exhausting.
Happy day xxx


  1. Congratulations on your birthday lovely Mia :)
    How fast time is flying!!
    Hugs from Mette :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Mia!! Hugs from far far away :)

  3. Oh we have friends in far flung places! How lovely, thank you for your wishes I will pass them on.