Monday, January 16, 2012

Mug love

Being a passionate coffee consumer I have a thing for mugs.  If I was richer and had more cupboard space I would have many circulating but I'm not and I don't :( 
I have needed a new set for ages but I really struggle to commit to something because Im so picky.  It has to be the perfect shape, weight, height, pattern and price.

All that went out the window today when I was in Briscoes with the kids (and Mr credit card) and spotted this gorgeous set.  Too cute to pass up she came home with me and I'm drinking from her head right now!

Maxwell and Williams, You're a Doll, Babushka set

There is a different on each side too

cheers, happy day xxx

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An amazing suprise

So I went on about Figgjo Flint a while ago right?  Well someone in the right place was listening. 
I went to Mama Wenchs house the other day and spotted something on the table and when she said it was for me I couldn't believe it.
Mums penpal Mette from Norway had sent me this Figgjo Flint Turi tureen!!!!!!!!!!

Too too cool.
Thanks Mette, that is so incredibly thoughtful.

Happy day!!!!!!!!xxx

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Handmade New Year !

Happy New Year everyone!  My family and I spent a soggy couple of days camping in Taupo.  Luckily the last day was amazing and we could finish our holiday with a sunny day with friends by the lake while the tent dried out enough to pack away.

I wanted to share with you a couple of special things we gave and received for xmas:
I had two identical clip organiser boards made for Mia and a friend by Sarah of Lola Duck.   They are framed, fabric covered pinboards with ribbons to attach clips to and loops at the bottom to hold headbands.  No more jumble in the draw and waiting aaages for the girl to choose her adornments.

I had one of these beautiful personalised name illustrations made by Bron Alexander for my new niece Scarlett similar to the one above.  This is such a great idea for something special for a new babe.

My clever friend Rosemary made this for Mia from fabric Mia and I chose.  I love the bright tropical style feel and its slightly big so it will last her a while. 

Mum and I spotted these pottery wall hearts on our last trip to Garden Art Studio and couldnt walk away from them. So this one was my xmas pressie from Mum and Dad (you guys are the BEST).  Its made by Wibbly Wobbly who we have never heard of and neither has Google.  Will have to ask Lynley from The Garden Art Studio next time we see her, I like knowing about the artist when I buy something handmade.

I was so pleased to unwrap a new necklace from my BFF Ella of Vanette.  Loving the colours.  And the rosebud earrings were another wee gift from Mum which come from the girls of Scarlett gifts

In other news Craftmad is moving day and location.  The next market will be in the church on the corner of Wellington and Grey st by Steele park and will now be the first SATURDAY of the month.  So mark Feb 4th on your calendars.  And dont forget Tamahere on the 21st Jan.

Now off to carry on with my "spring clean".  Thought I might do a few sneak peeks into the Garden Wenches lives this year - our homes, our gardens, our studio.  What do you think? 
Side note: hey Mum Im bringing my camera round shall I reveal your room of shame?

Happy day everyone xxx

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A bit of a buzz

Two pretty exciting things have happened for the Wenches this week. 
Number one: We made our first sale from Felt - one of our garden wall plaques is off to Auckland. 

 And number two: our flowers and wall birds are now stocked at Moko artspace in Hot Water Beach. 

Fancy!  The artists Moko stocks produce some jaw droppingly awesome work so to have some work accepted is such a buzz.  The gallery and garden area is so lovely and their website is really cool too.

Last day of school for Mia, Im already going bananas.
Whats with all the rain?
Happy wet day xxx

Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you know its xmas next Sunday?

What a great albeit super jam packed week it was last week!  We had two markets last weekend, Tamahere Twighlight Market which was so lovely and festive; and the last Craftmad of the year.  Mum and I snapped up lots of lovely gifts for our loved ones.  I'd love to share all the things we got here but it may spoil the suprise for the recipients.  So although we had a very productive weekend my wallet was still empty when we came home!
The xmas tree went up.  Poor thing is looking a bit battered but the kids loved covering it in baubles....  And saying the word bauble... bauble...bauble

Mia had atheletics day at school.  So cute to watch the kids running and jumping in their big hats and rosy cheeks.

She also had dance rehearsals and two performances.  She was the sweetest funniest mouse, Mum and I were so proud to see her shaking her tail on the big stage.  After getting sick of having to practice so often I was thrilled to see her enthusiasm back, she was buzzing after each show.

We made two trips to Garden Art Studio to deliver things we have been working on for ages and are finally able to cross off our list.
These totems have been a work in progress for SO long but we think it was worth the wait, we are so pleased with them.
I'm suprised these made it out, Mum was pretty keen on having one or two for herself.
The toadstools look fantastic grouped in this herb bed.

Sunday afternoon we took the kids to the Santa parade and met up with a group of friends.
This is the kids playing duck duck goose while they waited.  They were cute and cheerful at this stage, the car ride home was a different story.

THEN This gorgeous necklace arrived in the post today:

Its from the talented Annie Blackberry.  I voted for her in a sponsership comp without realising there was a prize up for grabs.  Lucky me.  Mia loves it as I told her I will keep secrets and spare kisses in it.

And the xmas rush continues this week...
See you at the last market of the year - Tamahere this Saturday 8am -1pm
Happy day xxx

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fresh from the kiln

These sweet prints were made to match those of the couples first child that they had done in England.  They are going to frame them like the older childs.  Normally we do paint prints on tiles but Im loving these - What a great gift idea. 

A forest of toadstools (minus their stakes) awaiting someone with the time to take them out to Garden Art Studio.

This garden sign was requested by the truck driver.  I always love hearing about kids that have their own patch of garden. 

Wendy made this sign with a posy on the top and I painted it.  We love the soft green and pink for a change from our normal brights.

The obligatory kid shot of the week.  And thats not even all of the soft toys!

 Mia (5)had to write a letter to Santa at school this week. 
She wrote :  Dear Santa, I love you. 
Please give my Mum and Dad a present for Christmas, because they don't have much money.
Love Mia

Too sweet, my girl has such a big heart.  I don't need a present Mia, you and Casey are the best gifts of all.

Happy day xxx

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Super Mum!

Time is whizzing by. I have been super busy and I need another couple of hours in the day.

In the last two weeks we've had Mia's school family night, Mia's dance rehearsals for the end of year dance school concert, Casey's kindy donkey farm visit, a day at the horse races, swimming lessons for both kids, Tamahere market, Paul's ankle surgery, and a new niece.  Whew, I'm exhausted.

Casey helping Nana out with clay orders at the studio

The best bit is the trolley ride
Casey on a kindy trip to the donkey farm

Love birds

A funky collection of buttons

Some special samples waiting to be fired and sent to a potential new supplier (SO EXCITED!)

Flowers ready for the kiln
Happy, busy, day xxx