Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mia shows off her zebra moves

Mia, Eva and Rico boogie on down

Acting out an animal song
CJ loving the lego

Just like teenagers with makeup!

Mia's kindy disco was super super cute. The costumes were amazing and the kids had a blast. I found the label 'disco' a bit off though as the kids only did a few dances and spent the rest of the morning chasing each other making animal noises or painting each others faces - or their own! Mia had to have a shower when she got home to wash off her creative effort which was SO thick.

My fave part of the party was the kids all gathering round and taking turns to "model" their costumes and animal moves.

Case was very sweet, he refused to wear the tail I made him last night but let me draw some whiskers on his cute little face. He spent almost the entire time playing quietly at the back with the lego and threw an almighty tantrum when it was time to go home.

Off to put on a million layers to keep warm at the studio tonight.

happy day xxx

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  1. What a messy zebra :) I'm quite the fan of your little blonde tiger(?).