Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini Model Mimi

Mia and her "ante natal" friends Madison and Ruby received these gorgeous tops from our clever friend Rosemary for their fourth birthdays. The kids were very pleased but not in the mood for posing nicely together (very unusual for Mia) The fabric is sweet and summery but they look cool over a long sleeve top too.

I couldnt help myself when I saw this fabric at Fabric Barn when Ella was here and bought half a metre with the intentions of making Mia a skirt. And today I did! A super simple half an hour pull on skirt.

And this is what I got when I asked Mia to model it for some photos:

As always a complete poser and I love it! Oh and the skirt is cute too.
Happy day xxx


  1. Excellent work petal it turned out gorgeous. Love that top too, stripes!! Man she's such a poser haha kisses xx

  2. Yep she comes up with all her own moves - my personal fave is the booty shot when she says do you like this one Mum?