Monday, August 30, 2010

The kindy kid and cupcake completion

Mia started morning kindy this morning. Here is her beautiful excited face!

I should have taken one of her exhausted face when I picked her up four hours later, its gonna be a tiring tough week for all.

And a plate of delicious felt cupcakes that I finished last night.

How sweet and nonuseful.
happy day xxx


  1. Aww, cute kindy kid! Good luck to Mia with her freshly started academic life :D

  2. She looks so happy to be starting kindy. My baby is starting morning kindy on Monday. No more afternoon kindy :o(. I'm going to miss her when she's there 5 mornings a week! Loving your cupcakes and dance skirt. So cute!

  3. Thanks "Cotton Kiwi" Morning kindy has made quite an impact on my sweet little girl, she comes home using poo-poo/bum talk and is so tired she gets hysterical by bedtime. I hope she adjusts soon! I LOVE your flower skirts and Mia would too, maybe when she gets bored of the one I made...