Sunday, August 15, 2010

A new display

Mum and I spent a couple of hours on Wednesday creating a little display patio in a corner of the studio yard to show off our stuff. Brightened the place up a bit and it was nice to be outside on a sunny day. Its a work in progress with more bits to be added.

Heres a few bits that have come out of the kiln this week:
Lace inlaid oxided sparrows
Lace patterned rusty oxided lizard
The last of the tree rings
Snail that makes me laugh.
Have had a job painting two trays of butterflies made by kids for Art Waikato. I felt weird doing it and couldnt understand why the kids werent painting them but they look gorgeous nontheless.
Apart from that I have been in a bit of an allround funk and havent gotten much done this week. The spring blossom helps a bit but I feel like I need some sort of change.
happy day xxx

1 comment:

  1. Looks wicked! Man that snail is hilarious, but I'm not quite sure why... I understand your funk, been feeling the same myself. Blah.