Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its a crazy time of year

Sorry to be so irregular lately.  Nana hasnt been having the kids on a Wednesday so I havent been able to have my day at the studio.  We are still working hard though. The last of the 260 mugs will be out of the kiln on Friday, I'm terrified that I have missed someone out despite checking the lists a million times.  We have one more market before Xmas and are hoping it'll be a big one, we don't want to bring anything home again!  And my sewing machine has been going every spare moment I get making last minute gifts I think up, Spotlight has seen a lot of me lately.

I havent got any pics of "production" at the moment so here are some loverly pics of my busy babes:

Mia knows this is the man to snuggle up to!

CJ will not go near Santa but loves that he brought all the kids chocolate!

Its all just so exhaustingfor Casey, wish I could do this without the kids jumping all over me
Happy day xxx

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