Monday, March 21, 2011

March market

Tamahere was lovely this month.  It was a beautiful autumn day although there were a couple of random sun showers.  The leaves are starting to change on the oak tree which shelters our favourite site - 66 again thanks!  Families were out with their gorgeous kids, people with dogs all shapes and sizes, friends meeting for coffee or blueberry icecreams.  The morning started slowly but ended up humming along quite nicely.

The delightful Wendy aka Mum
Our neighbours didnt turn up so we took the opportunity to spread across two sites
 Its lovely to hear positive comments on our stall and that we have accumulated a small fanbase - several people were repeat customers, others wanted to know whether we had a shop or website (things we have on our "list").

Strawberries big or small are a best seller

Our cheerful letterbox numbers are proving popular too
In other brilliant news Casey is now nappy free day AND night!  A sad moment thinking that my baby is now a big boy but yay, a saving on the grocery bill.

Happy night xxx

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