Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Holidays and some changes

Holiday fun - Decorating cookies
Well its been non stop the past few weeks.  The first week of holidays I took the kids on a road trip to Woodville, and Tangimoana to visit dear friends.  And Case and I even ventured into Wellington to visit an elderly relative and the Jo Luping Design studio.  We had an amazing time although it ended too soon!

Paul has been working virtually non stop with the rest of the Total Furniture team closing the shop down for the past month.  It has been a pretty stressful time for him but things are looking positive for the immediate future as he is now working with the owner on a new wholesale furniture venture.  Working 9-5 Monday to Friday will be a real change for us all! 
An interesting art project for me
 Managed to sneak in a minimal amount of work over the holidays.  These two plaques were for a local woman who lost her two dogs in a short space of time.

Grave plaques
And how sweet does this wee pixie look photographed in Mums garden?
Red riding hood
Happy day xxx

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  1. Sad to hear about Total Furniture, but a nice schedule with weekends off sounds great! And I'm sure your artwork will be responsible for a lot of sales :)