Thursday, August 11, 2011

A VERY special occasion

 On June 25th my beautiful girl turned five! Sob, where does the time go?

Anyway, it obviously required a momental celebration and after dithering over what to do we settled on a 'rainbow unicorn party' at Nana and Grandads so she could invite ALL her friends and family. (I think there were 16 kids and about the same number of adults.  Mia would have invited her entire kindy if we'd let her)
I took inspiration from here and here - both utterly amazing parties!  

Mum and I spent several hours the night before creating a rainbow room.

Creating the rainbow of crepe paper from the ceiling

(there was only one moment when I nearly fell off that desk)
The rainbow room complete with ceiling rainbow, hanging tissue pompom flowers that were more time consuming than anticipated, a floor of rainbow balloons blown up by my Dad, metres and metres of sewn paper bunting and colourful table with bright plastic party ware.

 We started Mia's big day with a suprise - We took Mia, Casey and our lovely friend Ella and her kids for a pony ride on gorgeous Timor pony Bella at Paulownia Park.

Wouldnt I just love it if Mia turned out to be as horse mad as I was as a kid!

Then it was off to party.  I put so much effort into Mias outift and there isnt even a decent photo of it. We had asked the guests to come dress ed in one colour of the rainbow. Mia chose to dress in red so I appliqued a rainbow onto a red long sleeve t and added a unicorn motif I found at a dollar store.  The skirt was satin with a petal hem and tulle underskirt and a big ribbon flower.  And we topped it off with a princess tiara of course.

All the kids were asked to dress in one colour of the rainbow.  We neglected to photograph them all standing as a rainbow sadly but it was fun nonetheless. Everyone feasted on  rainbow coloured food - red cheerio sausages, m&ms, orange cheezels, 100's+1000's biscuits, yellow pineapple, red liqorice..

Friends loaned us their bouncy castle which became a bit of a mosh pit and was great for letting off a bit of steam.  We also played pass the parcel and pin the horn on the unicorn.

 I was so proud of my cake effort this time, I was so nervous cutting into it...

 Four vibrant layers of cake sandwiched with different coloured icing and hidden beneath a layer of white.  Yum.

This is Princess Mia and her very happy face at the end of the party

 And here's my amazing talented daughter on her first day of school.  I've got to be the proudest Mum in the world!

Happy day xxx

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