Sunday, August 14, 2011


I made these cute zippered cases for two friends who were "owed" birthday presents.  The bottom is a beloved combo of Amy Butler fabrics - it was oh so hard to make the first cut in those long hoarded pieces of loveliness from my darling buddy Rosemary.
The top one is a splash of gorgeous tropical style flowers and wiggly dots given to me by Mum, sorry I can't name the designer. And next week it will be accompanying its new owner back to Sudan.

The pattern was from Amy Butlers Style Stitches book which I had from the library and wasnt as quick and easy as I predicted - as usual.  Zips and linings and turning and corners.  And see how one has a tab and the other doesnt - thats because I neglected to flip it out when I sewed it up argh sorry Sian. But its made with love and thats what counts RIGHT.

I am completely in love with the bottom one and luckily hubby commented that Carla coveted a pair of flannel pj pants that I made for another friend earlier in the year so I whipped up a pair of those and I get to keep the zipper case for myself hehe yay!  Everybodys happy coz Carla loves her ducky "winter pants".

Flu-ey day xxx

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