Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Broken things and a zebra costume

The day started quite badly with me breaking the shower turner-on-and-off-thing so it wouldnt turn off and I had to plunge my arm into icy water up to the elbow to turn the mains off til Dad arrived to save us (Thanks Dad for giving me the knowledge to at least do that coz Paul didnt know how). The washing machine died yesterday so we can't wash Pauls sports clothes from his weekend tournament and it'll take me forever to catch up on the washing by the time Pauls Dad brings us a "courtesy" machine later today.

And THEN the physio couldn't treat me because ACC hadnt processed my claim yet and I couldnt pay the $60 fee otherwise. There were tears over that one, my leg is SO sore, the physio said it could be fractured because that wouldnt show up on an xray til up to three weeks later. I'm desperate to do some sort of exercise and its yoga night but Im not sure whether I should be attempting the class. SIGH.

SO ANYWAYS - Im determined to turn this day around and Mr Sunshine is peeking over the trees at me to give me hope. My project today is to make Mia a zebra costume for her kindy disco on Thursday. Here is the before picture - a stripey hoody, a ball of black wool, stretch zebra fabric and zebra striped felt. The little fella sitting on the hood is Mias fave snuggle buddy and the reason she chose a zebra costume. She sleeps with him tucked under her chin and wakes me up at night to come and search for him in the blankets because being fairly small he wanders a bit.

Off to sew a tail
happy day xxx

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