Monday, June 7, 2010

Crankiness and Craftmad

Yesterday was a rotten day but if its possible it looks like today is even worse! Its pouring, grey and miserable, the kids are cranky and picking at each other, and hubby is still in bed after celebrating his teams win in indoor cricket yesterday. At least my funky feet make me smile.

Despite the horrible weather and it being a long weekend yesterdays Craftmad market was really enjoyable and fairly successful for Mum and I. The only downside was having to move everything further under the shelter when the rain drove in under the eaves filling the mugs with water!

People came in coats and scarves to look around including Mias kindy teacher and a couple of friends. I love the variety of people we get to meet and Mum and I love to check out peoples clothes and the gorgeous kids who frolick around.

The market really does have the most amazing craftspeople, Mum and I could have bought something from just about every stall but this time I picked a cute pattern for felt cupcakes and Mum grabbed a pile of sweet embroidered linens.

I would love to go round photographing everything but Im not sure if thats ok but heres a few pics of our setup.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and oh, those children's medals... I want!

  2. You may put in an order - is it for you or your delicious babes?