Friday, June 18, 2010

Invites and one thing crossed off a long list

Mia is having a couple of friends over for her 4th birthday, Im trying to keep it low key but her birthday enthusiasm is infectious. I made the invites for her ballerina themed afternoon tea. Black pen, lace and glue and walah!

I spent the afternoon at the studio glazing - Dad gave me a refresher so that I can help out while hes working on the new clay press. So not much creating going on at the moment although I have a few pieces to paint including four big tree surrounds for GardenArtStudios July exhibition.
But I did manage to finally sew on the big ceramic button I made for the flower on Mias hat.
She got her hair french braided at Nana Gails salon today - there is nothing sweeter! Pity it only stays neat for two minutes.
happy day

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  1. That gorgeous hair! I've tried french plaiting Sophie's hair but I just can't do it. She gets piggy tail plaits instead. Cute button - check out that girl working the camera haha! Can't wait to get the lovely invite in the mail. mwah!