Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tamahere market

Mum and I had a stall at Tamahere market on Saturday, it was cold and damp but thankfully not frosty or raining. We thought Field Days would make for a really busy day but we made just as much in five hours as we do in three at CraftMad. I do love people watching, the world is a very diverse place. The woman at the stall next to us was 'intriguing', calling everything "Gorg" and touching and cuddling everyone who came along.
We are still perfecting our setup, we need to figure out a way of avoiding the U shape and draw people in more.
I love that saucy yellow rabbit and the small flowers were our best seller for the day
This fella could end up at my place, I love him!
The goldfish seller next to us did a roaring trade and it was cool to see all the sweet children flocking around. One woman bought ten - $50 of goldfish!

The oversized chair was also a big attraction for kids AND adults

Happy day


  1. Ick, a stranger cuddler. Did you get a cuddle? Were you "gorg"? Haha! I too adore the owl, he's a handsome fellow. The market looks like such fun I hope I get to come one day. By the way - YES COME TO THE NEXT CRAFT 2.0 WITH ME!!!

  2. Thankfully the table saved us from cuddles and we were not blessed personally with a gorge (woe is us) but she did over exaggeratedly gush over our stuff but not buy anything.