Monday, November 22, 2010

Extreme exhaustion

Gee I'm not used to this work with a deadline type business.  I have been painting my butt off, and when I'm not painting the Opus mugs I'm painting The Garden Wench things for market and GardenArtStudio, or Wedding/Christmas presents.  I have the worst pins and needles at night from the stress on my wrists.
Some of the Opus mugs have started emerging from the kiln:
Womens Cupcakes
Womens beach scene
Mens snapper
Womens sunflower
Have over 60 mens beach scene mugs to paint.  There are two versions, one with beach cricket and one with a deck chair - stops me getting quite so bored with it
We had a brilliant market at Tamahere on Saturday.  The sun was shining and folks were out in masses with cash in their pockets!  Made us a bit worried as we have three more markets before Christmas and the kilns are going full tilt with customers work that takes precedence over ours being fired.  But if we run out, we run out!


 This platter is for close friends of ours who were just married in Taupo.  I merged several of their wedding photos to get this design.  I have my fingers and toes crossed that it fires perfectly because it took around four hours.

Happy day xxx

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  1. So nice to see your fantastic mugs - no wonder you get exhausted, but seeing the results it's absolutely worthwhile!! Love, Mette
    Wish Wendy and Dave a lovely holiday :D