Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have done three full days work this week and I'm exhausted but I have loved it. 
I've painted about 130 of the 260 mugs averaging about 5 an hour although as you can see I do them a batch at a time. 

In case you ever wondered how they get the slab of clay into the bag...
Dad fills the pug mill (like a giant blender) with the chunks of clay that have been drying after coming out of the press (which is like an enormous accordian).  The clay is squeezed out a slab shaped tube and automatically cut.  Then darling Mum bags, seals and stacks the slabs ready for you to take home and create -

In other news Master Casey has been mischievious this week:
Helping himself to crackers when I was off cleaning the bathroom.  I came out and caught him and he says "oh-oh crackers!" in his adorable little voice.   
I sort of knew this was going on but he came in and showed me how soaked he was and took me by the hand to show me exactly how he ran through the "rain". Gosh I love him!

And then theres Jedi, who has a limpy leg (he broke it when he was a pup) and emptied our wallets after a trip to the vets for xrays, anti-inflammatories and  a very expensive new diet to help his joints.  Of course hes worth it!

The babes are at the beach with their grandparents this weekend and I'm off to the Onshore Sculpture exhibition and Portage Ceramics exhibition in Auckland tomorrow - Bliss!
Happy day, off to bed! xxx

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