Wednesday, January 5, 2011

French winter vs Scorching Hamilton Summer

While Mum and Dad are off exploring the French Riviera in the middle of a snowy winter I'm sitting here feeling drowsy in the heat, sweating, too hot to head for the pool at Mum and Dads place.

I told Mum I would carry on working while they were away - HA!  I have done one evenings worth of painting and two hours at the studio cutting out butterflies and caterpillers.

We've had a few dramas:
New Years Day Mia woke up with Chicken pox which she has coped with very well.
Poor Jedi needs to have a very expensive operation to fix his leg which will consume all my hard earned mug money and anything I've earnt and will earn for the next three months.  Can you tell I'm completely gutted, all I wanted was to finish landscaping the back yard.
And today I received a letter from the Police saying I may be called as a witness in the trial of the drug-lab neighbours which happened two years ago.  How am I supposed to remember that far back?  Hopefully Im not needed coz it makes me feel very anxious thinking about it.

Its a bit of a whiney post this time sorry.  Paul is home this week and its putting me off my routine, the kids are driving me bananas with "Mu-um..!", the house is a bombsite and its so so hot.  Someone send some good luck this way!
Playing dot to dot with Mias chicken pox.  I gave CJ a debonaire moustache.
hot day xxx

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  1. Don't know about good luck, but I can send you some cold air if you'd like. Would you prefer it closer to 0 or closer to -18? We have everything in between! :D