Monday, January 10, 2011

A new year

Not much work going on at the moment, I have spent one day at the studio filling up the table with cut outs for Mum to fettle when she gets back haha!  One resolution I have made is to spend less time on the net looking at what others are making and more time actually making myself - so far this is not working. 

I have done a little drawing recently though.  Mia got chicken pox on New Years day so we played dot to dot with her face.  And since CJ wanted to join in I gave him a jaunty moustache. 

For our annual family expedition we took the whanau to Agrodome in Rotorua.  Being complete townies we loved being able to pat the sheep and dogs and feed the lambs.

And on the way home we stopped to look at some mud pools and CJ slipped while paddling in the fountain which resulted in both kids stripping off and getting wet and nakey drive home wrapped in blankets.  Great memories.

And finally I forgot to share these two art works I received for xmas.  The first from my dear Ella, a sweet print by Devon Smith.

And this wee bird by my aunt Jill Fryer which was a Christmas card but I plan on framing it to go on my "blue art wall" in our bedroom

Happy day xxx

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