Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ok I made some thing

But it didnt photograph well due to the shiny nature of the fabric.  Its a sewing machine cover ta-da.  The base is a wide striped forest green curtain sample with a polka dot cord pocket coz you know how much I love spots and stripes.

The kids and I have had a brilliant couple of days with playdates, bike riding, haircuts, sprinkler runs and baking.

Today the kids helped ice and decorate Aunty Sonjas pink and chocolate marbled birthday cake - can you imagine their faces when we were done licking the spoons.  And then we made cookies and cream ice cream and to my delight they dont really like it!  Hurrah more for me.  Its creamy and divine and so easy to make with our churner.

Now to finish the notice board I've been covering...
Happy day

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