Monday, August 29, 2011

Book fair

The Red Cross hold an annual book fair at the racecourse rooms and I could easily spend hours and alot of money there - the books are cheap but when you have a pile it soon adds up.
These were my picks for the kids.  I couldnt resist the Rainbow Brite, the pictures are so funky and Alfie gets in first was a childhood favourite of mine.  The only downside was after we had spent an hour in the main room we went round to the $1 room and discovered boxes and boxes of kids books but we had run out of time!  Next year we'll head there first.  I better save for a bigger book shelf too coz the kids one is almost full.
I chose these three garden books for myself.  They are all illustrated beautifully and I hope to use them for some inspiration for ceramic designs.
The Portrait of a Garden by Kerry Carman is especially gorgeous with detailed colour and black and white drawings.

Happy day xxx

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