Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you know its xmas next Sunday?

What a great albeit super jam packed week it was last week!  We had two markets last weekend, Tamahere Twighlight Market which was so lovely and festive; and the last Craftmad of the year.  Mum and I snapped up lots of lovely gifts for our loved ones.  I'd love to share all the things we got here but it may spoil the suprise for the recipients.  So although we had a very productive weekend my wallet was still empty when we came home!
The xmas tree went up.  Poor thing is looking a bit battered but the kids loved covering it in baubles....  And saying the word bauble... bauble...bauble

Mia had atheletics day at school.  So cute to watch the kids running and jumping in their big hats and rosy cheeks.

She also had dance rehearsals and two performances.  She was the sweetest funniest mouse, Mum and I were so proud to see her shaking her tail on the big stage.  After getting sick of having to practice so often I was thrilled to see her enthusiasm back, she was buzzing after each show.

We made two trips to Garden Art Studio to deliver things we have been working on for ages and are finally able to cross off our list.
These totems have been a work in progress for SO long but we think it was worth the wait, we are so pleased with them.
I'm suprised these made it out, Mum was pretty keen on having one or two for herself.
The toadstools look fantastic grouped in this herb bed.

Sunday afternoon we took the kids to the Santa parade and met up with a group of friends.
This is the kids playing duck duck goose while they waited.  They were cute and cheerful at this stage, the car ride home was a different story.

THEN This gorgeous necklace arrived in the post today:

Its from the talented Annie Blackberry.  I voted for her in a sponsership comp without realising there was a prize up for grabs.  Lucky me.  Mia loves it as I told her I will keep secrets and spare kisses in it.

And the xmas rush continues this week...
See you at the last market of the year - Tamahere this Saturday 8am -1pm
Happy day xxx

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