Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fresh from the kiln

These sweet prints were made to match those of the couples first child that they had done in England.  They are going to frame them like the older childs.  Normally we do paint prints on tiles but Im loving these - What a great gift idea. 

A forest of toadstools (minus their stakes) awaiting someone with the time to take them out to Garden Art Studio.

This garden sign was requested by the truck driver.  I always love hearing about kids that have their own patch of garden. 

Wendy made this sign with a posy on the top and I painted it.  We love the soft green and pink for a change from our normal brights.

The obligatory kid shot of the week.  And thats not even all of the soft toys!

 Mia (5)had to write a letter to Santa at school this week. 
She wrote :  Dear Santa, I love you. 
Please give my Mum and Dad a present for Christmas, because they don't have much money.
Love Mia

Too sweet, my girl has such a big heart.  I don't need a present Mia, you and Casey are the best gifts of all.

Happy day xxx

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