Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An amazing suprise

So I went on about Figgjo Flint a while ago right?  Well someone in the right place was listening. 
I went to Mama Wenchs house the other day and spotted something on the table and when she said it was for me I couldn't believe it.
Mums penpal Mette from Norway had sent me this Figgjo Flint Turi tureen!!!!!!!!!!

Too too cool.
Thanks Mette, that is so incredibly thoughtful.

Happy day!!!!!!!!xxx


  1. Wooooo!!!! Sweetest. Surprise. Ever.

  2. Soo happy it reached you in one piece! (or rather two ;)
    It was a gift for my wedding in 1978, so wanted it to stay with someone who would care well for it :))
    Warm hug from Mette :)

  3. The text on it means:
    Will you taste it all
    you will feel both sour and salt :)