Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Handmade New Year !

Happy New Year everyone!  My family and I spent a soggy couple of days camping in Taupo.  Luckily the last day was amazing and we could finish our holiday with a sunny day with friends by the lake while the tent dried out enough to pack away.

I wanted to share with you a couple of special things we gave and received for xmas:
I had two identical clip organiser boards made for Mia and a friend by Sarah of Lola Duck.   They are framed, fabric covered pinboards with ribbons to attach clips to and loops at the bottom to hold headbands.  No more jumble in the draw and waiting aaages for the girl to choose her adornments.

I had one of these beautiful personalised name illustrations made by Bron Alexander for my new niece Scarlett similar to the one above.  This is such a great idea for something special for a new babe.

My clever friend Rosemary made this for Mia from fabric Mia and I chose.  I love the bright tropical style feel and its slightly big so it will last her a while. 

Mum and I spotted these pottery wall hearts on our last trip to Garden Art Studio and couldnt walk away from them. So this one was my xmas pressie from Mum and Dad (you guys are the BEST).  Its made by Wibbly Wobbly who we have never heard of and neither has Google.  Will have to ask Lynley from The Garden Art Studio next time we see her, I like knowing about the artist when I buy something handmade.

I was so pleased to unwrap a new necklace from my BFF Ella of Vanette.  Loving the colours.  And the rosebud earrings were another wee gift from Mum which come from the girls of Scarlett gifts

In other news Craftmad is moving day and location.  The next market will be in the church on the corner of Wellington and Grey st by Steele park and will now be the first SATURDAY of the month.  So mark Feb 4th on your calendars.  And dont forget Tamahere on the 21st Jan.

Now off to carry on with my "spring clean".  Thought I might do a few sneak peeks into the Garden Wenches lives this year - our homes, our gardens, our studio.  What do you think? 
Side note: hey Mum Im bringing my camera round shall I reveal your room of shame?

Happy day everyone xxx

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